SECF's 50th Anniversary: An Opportunity 50 Years in the Making

As the strongest and largest network of philanthropic leaders in the Southeast, SECF creates a fertile ground for hundreds of grantmakers who call the region home and for national funders who choose to invest in the opportunities that exist here. Members forge deep connections across the region, sharing knowledge, experience and professional resources with one another to elevate philanthropic practice for all. 

The Southeast is a unique region, and SECF understands the challenges and opportunities that accompany philanthropy here – as well as the many commonalities that bring philanthropic professionals together. Under the SECF umbrella, foundations and giving programs of all sizes, types, and interests gather to generate new power and energy for the field, taking their places as peer leaders and influencers. 

SECF has much to celebrate in its 50th year, and much to look forward to. The 50th anniversary will draw much attention to, and engagement from, SECF members as we commemorate many past achievements, cement the permanence of signature programs, and present a robust and inspiring vision for the next 50 years. 

Today, SECF leads the field from a position of strength. As shifts in demographics, economic drivers, and social and cultural awareness require grantmakers to reflect upon and adjust their own thinking and strategies, SECF will provide the tools and opportunities that will help funders engage in best practice and increase their effectiveness. As philanthropic leaders are called upon to embrace new ideas and actions, SECF will ensure they are ready for the challenge. 

Now is the perfect time to honor philanthropy’s legacy in the South and ensure its strong future. There are many ways to engage and share your support in the field of philanthropy during SECF’s 50th year.

SECF's 50th Annual Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities


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Interested in learning more or getting involved with SECF's 50th Annual Meeting? Contact S.E. Spencer, SECF's programs & partnerships associate, at or at (404) 524-0911.

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