Member Highlight: Velma Monteiro-Tribble

This Member Highlight is part of a series profiling new members of the Philanthropy Southeast Board of Trustees elected at this year’s Annual Meeting.

Velma Monteiro-Tribble comes to the Philanthropy Southeast Board of Trustees with a wealth of experience, ranging from the U.S. Department of Education to overseeing philanthropic leadership development initiatives in places like Austria, Latin America and South Africa.

She plans on bringing all she’s learned to the table as a Board member, but says that, despite a lengthy resume, she still sees her first year on the Board as an opportunity to “be quiet and listen, learn and offer my expertise when needed.”

“I appreciate the thought leadership, the people, Board, leadership, staff, convenings and engagement opportunities,” she said about what drew her to accept an invite to join the board. “It fits with my belief about how philanthropy needs to work.”

Velma joins the Board as another representative of corporate philanthropy – she works as senior director for foundation community investments at the Florida Blue Foundation, which is affiliated with Florida Blue, a health insurance provider.

At the foundation, Velma has recently focused more of her work on issues of equity and social justice – areas she was able to think about more intentionally when the pandemic gave her the space to think strategically.

“I have become much more introspective and deepened my passion, commitment and work around equity and social justice,” she said. “While these two issues have always been important to me, I really did not have much ‘alone’ time to think through the strategies to create and execute on long-term programs and initiatives. These past two years have allowed me to move the foundation’s work forward in these areas.”

Velma also draws inspiration for her work from the people she interacts with day-to-day – people who experience what she calls “the rawness of life.”

“I really enjoy being around folks that can see and feel the pain from what I call the ‘rawness of life,’ yet have the ability to rise up and actively work to make life better collectively for the common good of all people,” she said.


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