Member Highlight: Hope Blackley-Logan

At last month's Annual Meeting, SECF members elected three new leaders to the Board of Trustees. Between now and the end of the year, we're profiling each of them here.

SECF has long prioritized public policy – and so does one of the newest members of the Board of Trustees, Hope Blackley-Logan.

Politics and policy are at the center of Hope's life. While she serves as a trustee of the Mary Black Foundation, she works full-time as district director for Rep. William Timmons, a Republican representing South Carolina's 4th Congressional District, which includes both Greenville and Spartanburg.

Having observed the political process firsthand, Hope encourages SECF to be determined and organized in pursuing policies that support foundations and charitable giving.

"I would love SECF to approach policy with the perspective that it is our job to not tire, to be persistent, and to have a pointed plan in addressing the needs of the SECF and those we serve – a knowledgeable plan with easy-to-follow talking points that show the strength and wealth of foundation work and will leave a lasting impression," she said.

Before joining Rep. Timmons' staff, Hope served as the appointed Clerk of Court in Spartanburg County. She also has a long history of work supporting the victims of crime, particularly children, and has served on multiple boards of community and professional organizations.

"It's been my life's mission to help better community work," Hope said. "Also, I've tried to encourage others to make it a priority to work in their community, but also educate those who have the resources and ability to assist."

On the board of the Mary Black Foundation, Hope has worked to ensure the work being done in Spartanburg County is "real and substantive."

"I hope to present a perspective of small-town issues that can be addressed by SECF proactively," Hope said. "I also hope to bring a diversified view on inclusion and the reason why it's important that foundations across the board are not afraid to address such issues."

While Hope wants to bring her point of view to the Board, she also plans to spend much of the next year learning from those around her.

"My goal as a first-year board member is to learn from those in leadership on the Board and within the foundation, and to actively support staff and my fellow board members with reasoned feedback by being a fully engaged board member," she said. "I can only be as good as the team I work with and to be an effective leader, I think it's imperative to learn all that makes up a successful organization and the work that they do."

Hope said she wants to add what she can to an organization she already feels is doing excellent work educating foundations throughout the region.

"SECF's stellar reputation is one of driving innovation the field of philanthropy," she said. "Who wouldn't want to join a team making our nation and world a much better place?"


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