Member Listservs Offer a New Way for SECF Members to Connect

Starting today, SECF Members can connect to hundreds of their colleagues simply by sending an email! 

Our new Member Listservs make it easy to ask questions, solicit advice and share insights with foundation staff and trustees from across the Southeast. All SECF members in our database have been automatically subscribed to at least one list and can start discussions immediately! 

At launch, seven listservs are active:

  • Community Foundations & Grantmaking Public Charities
  • Corporate Foundations & Giving Programs
  • Family Foundations & Philanthropic Individuals
  • Health Legacy Foundations
  • Independent & Operating Foundations
  • CEOs, Presidents & Executive Directors
  • Hull Fellows Alumni

In order to provide them access to as large a community as possible, Supporting Organizations within SECF were each given the choice of which constituency-based list they’d like to be part of. Lists will be refreshed monthly, though new staff members and trustees can be added earlier on request.

The current listserv lineup will remain in place through the end of 2019. However, others may be added starting in 2020 based on Member interest.

Starting a discussion on a listserv is as easy as sending a message to that list’s email address (SECF members logged into the site can view those addresses on our FAQ page).

We ask that anyone replying to a listserv message be careful that their reply only goes to the person who started the discussion – using “reply-all” can clog people’s inboxes and discourage further participation.

After a discussion has wound down, the person who started it should send a recap of responses around to the list, generally within a week, so that everyone can benefit from the information and insights of their colleagues.

Topics that generate a lot of interest may provide inspiration for SECF programming or an article in one of our publications. However, listserv content will remain confidential and will not be used without the author’s explicit permission.

Want to learn more? Visit our FAQ page (SECF members need to be logged in to view).

If you have other questions about this new feature, feel free to email Jaci Bertrand, vice president of member engagement, at or David Miller, director of marketing and communications, at


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