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Working in the community foundation field is one of the best jobs anyone could have. To spend your days in service to your community is a privilege.

But community foundations are complicated animals. All those funds! All those laws! The learning curve is steep for those new the field. Even community foundation veterans who are experts in their job may not really understand all the aspects of a community foundation.  

At the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance we are fortunate to have the resources to develop a two-day curriculum we call “Boot Camp.” We love sharing this with the community foundations around the country. We get to meet fantastic, dedicated professionals and volunteers. We are excited about our upcoming trip to Orlando to present Boot Camp on June 20-21.   

Our goal for Boot Camp is for everyone to walk away with a comprehensive overview of the history, structure and functions of a community foundation. We cover finances, legal issues, IRS code, grants, asset development and lots more. We believe that all staff and board members benefit from the understanding the all the pieces of a community foundation. One of our favorite slides is titled “The Really Big Picture” and it’s our attempt to put all the pieces of a community foundation on one slide!  

One of the most interesting parts of Boot Camp for us is when participants start talking with each other about how things work at their respective foundations. If you have only worked at one community foundation you will be surprised to discover what is routine for you falls into the “we would never do that” category for another foundation.   

Boot Camp is appropriate for any staff or board member. New staff get a broad orientation to the field and experienced staff have told us they left with a new perspective or insight about their foundation. We provide all the participants with a Resource Book that not only contains all our presentation material but also reference documents for each unit.  

Comments from those who have attended the Boot Camp are a testament to its enduring value for all types of community foundation professionals:

  • Boot Camp gave me a great opportunity to learn a variety of tried and true strategies and ideas from colleagues in the field.

  • I attended after having been a foundation employee for several years and I found there were a lot of elements that I still needed to learn.

  • I refer to the handbook that I was given at Boot Camp almost weekly. If there is a word, or phrase, or procedure that I can’t remember, I turn to my handbook, and can find the answer within minutes.

Taking advantage of this opportunity is easy – join me at SECF’s Community Foundation Boot Camp by registering here. I hope to see you in Winter Park!

Rosemary Dorsa is vice president of the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance.


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