Staying in Touch With Philanthropy

“Let’s stay connected!”

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard and overheard phrases like this exchanged among SECF colleagues. Our members crave connection with one another for a variety of reasons. Some appreciate the opportunity to learn and share information about best practices. Others enjoy the camaraderie of friends and colleagues who share a common passion and purpose. Some relish the tailor-made resources and network of potential collaborators. Still others rely on their SECF relationships to build networks beyond their local geography. For most, it’s a combination of the above.

For all these reasons and more, SECF serves as a source of deep and lasting regional connections. Through relationships, conversations, events, reports, newsletters and more, we’ve built a network like no other. And now, we’re pleased to introduce another way to communicate with peers, learn from experiences and opinions, and share stories: ENGAGE, the SECF blog.

This blog is a natural fit for both delivering valuable connections to SECF members and delivering on two of our strategic plan goals: providing transformative thought leadership on the practice of philanthropy in the region and leveraging our strengths to further cultivate the voice of Southern Philanthropy. Simply put, ENGAGE is where we’ll regularly showcase the best thinking of our members and other philanthropic experts to elevate our collective work as Southeastern foundations.

Of course, the collective sharing on this blog requires individual members – like you! – who are willing to share their thoughts. We are eager to hear your opinions, success stories, burning questions, observations and ideas about your own work, as well as the work of our field and our region.

What have you accomplished lately that others might learn from? Have you released a report or research that might inform the field more broadly? Are there issues you’re struggling with that others might share? What are your opinions about the current environment that is shaping our field? Why are you here – doing what you do?

These are just a few questions that might spark a blog post. If you have a post to share, or would like to talk through an idea before creating a post, please let us know! David Miller, our director of marketing and communications, is eagerly awaiting your input at Or call him at (404) 524-0911. Once we receive your content, we’ll review and post on your behalf. What could be easier?

The more we share, the more connected we become. And the more connected we are, the stronger our impact can be in our communities, our region, and in our field nationwide. I look forward to staying in touch with all of you via ENGAGE!

Janine Lee is president and CEO of the Southeastern Council of Foundations.


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