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Introducing Inspiration: SECF's New Quarterly Magazine

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Inspiration Vol. 26 No. 1 coverThis week SECF published the first issue of Inspiration – a new quarterly magazine focused on sharing rich stories of Southern Philanthropy, with a focus on collaborations, innovation and the embrace of new trends and emerging best practices.

Replacing our previous magazine, Interchange, Inspiration features a modern design built from the ground up. We plan to make greater use of graphics, photos and other visual elements, to complement written stories of how Southern grantmakers are transforming lives and communities.

Of course, many of the features from Interchange that SECF members know and love will continue to be part of Inspiration. These include a thoughtful message from President & CEO Janine Lee, updates on new members and new hires, and regular profiles of SECF members who are doing great things at their organizations.

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Winter 2018 Issue of Inspiration Now Available to SECF Members

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Author: David Miller


The final 2018 issue of Inspiration, SECF's quarterly magazine, is now online, with print copies on the way to foundations across the region.

This issue includes:

  • The final installment of our series, Fulfilling the Passing Gear Promise, looking at how foundations across the region are using the Passing Gear approach to address systemic issues in their communities. In this issue, we look at how the Danville Regional Foundation has used its Regional Report Card to spark change - in particular, the foundation has worked to put the Report Card's findings in the hands of community groups and leaders best poised to act on its findings.
  • The first installment of a new series, Then, Now & What's Next, marking SECF's 50th Anniversary! We open with a look at public policy - tax legislation in 1969 was the motivating force behind SECF's founding and has played a crucial role in our work ever since. This article not only looks at how SECF's public policy work has evolved into the robust program that exists today, but also previews a few things set to happen in the year ahead.
  • A look at the Family First Prevention Services Act from an expert who knows it best: Casey Family Programs President & CEO Dr. William C. Bell. Bell reviews how the legislation, which became law earlier this year, opens up new avenues for foundations to support children in their communities. He focuses strongly on cross-sector collaboration and looks at seven key areas foundations should consider as they work to capitalize on the new law.

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Spring 2019 Issue of Inspiration Now Available to SECF Members!

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Author: Southeastern Council of Foundations


The latest issue of Inspiration, SECF's quarterly magazine, is now available for download by all SECF members! Our latest issue includes:

  • A cover story detailing how two SECF members, The Kendeda Fund and the Kresge Foundation, are supporting a project that brings together partners from multiple sectors to address shared concerns about the environment, the economy and equity.
  • The latest installment of our Then, Now & What's Next series on the history of SECF and Southern Philanthropy. In this installment, you'll learn how SECF has kept up with changing times and the evolving needs of Southern foundations as they've grown in number and complexity.
  • A preview of The Spartanburg County Foundation's Robert Hett Chapman III Center for Philanthropy - an ambitious development that will not only house some of the foundation's staff but also will serve as home base for a series of efforts that will engage the entire community.

This issue also includes reflections from President & CEO Janine Lee, an interview with new Arthur Vining Davis Foundations President Dr. Michael Murray, an introduction to the latest members of the SECF family and more!

Inspiration is mailed to each SECF member organization, as well as Hull Fellows alumni. A PDF is also available for download - members can login to access our Inspiration archives at any time!

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Summer 2019 Issue of Inspiration Now Available to SECF Members

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Author: Southeastern Council of Foundations


SECF members now have access to the latest issue of Inspiration, our quarterly magazine dedicated to sharing stories of philanthropy’s impact in communities across the South, as well as exploring emerging trends and best practices that are shaping the field today.

The summer 2019 issue of Inspiration includes:

  • A look at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s efforts to promote climate justice and resiliency throughout the region – the foundation’s support at the community level has enabled organizations to reshape their own neighborhoods through green infrastructure, sustainable design and public education.
  • The latest installment of our Then, Now & What’s Next series marking SECF’s 50th Anniversary. In this article, we track how philanthropy in the region has evolved from direct charity to a diverse array of tools and strategies that address both immediate needs and systemic issues.
  • Coverage of the Couchman-Noble Foundation’s work to preserve affordable housing in suburban Atlanta – work being directly led by the foundation’s founders, David and Melanie Couchman.

The latest issue also includes our regular features on new members, the latest research in the field and new hires and promotions within the SECF family. We also profile 50th Annual Meeting speaker Jim Hasson, who has worked with SECF since its earliest days. Finally, President & CEO Janine Lee writes on how this year’s Annual Meeting lineup is the best we’ve ever offered!

A print copy of Inspiration is mailed to each member organization as well as individual Hull Fellows alumni. Members can also login to SECF.org to download a PDF version.

If you have a story idea for an upcoming issue of Inspiration, contact David Miller, director of marketing and communications, at david@secf.org!

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