P         R         O         G         R         A         M

Over the past decade, the Hull Fellows Program of the Southeastern Council of Foundations has offered the South’s emerging leaders in philanthropy an opportunity to: Engage in intensive learningBuild strong connections with their peers in the sector & Grow personally & professionally while gaining relevant insight & powerful perspectives on emerging issues within the field.

Throughout the program, an inspiring group of facilitators, leaders and mentors encourage participants to celebrate the region’s philanthropic history while challenging them to also be thoughtful as they look to their own roles within the future of the sector.

The Program Includes Three Face-To-Face Gatherings:
  • Program Kickoff at SECF’s Annual Meeting
  • Hull Fellows Retreat
  • Closing Celebration & Culminating Project at SECF’s following Annual Meeting
For Applicants:

You'll Learn About The Field...
Philanthropy is a field like no other. There are unique challenges, rewards and opportunities when you dedicate your life and your work to making a lasting, positive difference in society. Philanthropy in the South adds another dimension. The region’s history, traditions and culture both help and hinder efforts by foundations to do our best work. The Hull Fellows program of the Southeastern Council of Foundations will give you insights and understanding about Southern philanthropy that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn from experienced foundation practitioners and facilitators who will guide you on a year-long journey through the promises and pitfalls of grantmaking in this region and beyond. Along the way, you’ll form new friendships and meaningful professional relationships with a diverse group of peers who serve in a variety of foundation roles.

You'll Learn About Yourself...

What kind of leader will you be this year? In five years? Ten? The Hull Fellows program helps you focus on evaluating your own leadership strengths and style, and will give you the tools you’ll need to develop core leadership skills and prepare for current and future leadership roles. You’ll take part in a number of insightful conversations about our field’s most challenging aspects, and engage with peers, leaders and experts in the field. At the end of it all, you’ll have a stronger personal and professional commitment to the work of philanthropy, a better understanding of yourself as a leader and new, relevant skills to apply immediately.

You'll Connect With Your Peers...
Hull Fellows are a dynamic group in the world of philanthropy, and many over the past 12 years have gone on to significant leadership roles in Southeastern foundations. But they’ve also maintained close relationships with one another along the way. Because the Hull Fellows program makes every effort to secure a broad array of diverse perspectives in each class, you’ll meet a wide variety of people whose opinions and experiences are sure to make you think, reflect and ask deeper questions of yourself and others. In addition to several critical discussions throughout the year, you’ll also work on a special culminating project to explore and address a critical aspect of philanthropy in the South.

You'll Connect With Your Mentor...
One of philanthropy’s greatest assets in the South is the wealth of experienced, insightful leaders who are well-versed in both the ways of the region and the work of foundations. As a Hull Fellow, you’ll be placed in a special, one-on-one mentor relationship with one of these veteran philanthropists, who will serve as your guide, friend and sounding board throughout the Hull Fellows experience — and very likely well beyond. Your Hull mentor will be hand selected for you — matching your background and interests with their talents and experience. They are excited about the potential of up-and-coming leaders in the field, and are generous with their time and knowledge. They will respect the confidentiality of your conversations and differences of opinion. You’ll find their spirit of shared learning and enthusiasm exhilarating. 



$2,000 which includes room and board at the Hull Fellows Retreat.
Travel costs to all gatherings and registration fees are not included.

For more information, please contact Jaci Bertrand or call 404.524.0911.
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Who Should Apply? If you’re an SECF Member Who:

  • Currently serves as a Trustee or Foundation Staff  (Staff should have active management responsibilities) 
  • Has at least two years of experience in philanthropy (no age restrictions). 
  • Feels a genuine commitment to the sector and views philanthropy as your long-term career path. 
  • Desires to connect with new people and develop transformational ideas.
  • Believes in a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.
  • Hopes to fulfill new leadership responsibilities within your organization.