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Jan. 25 Child & Family Well-being
Feb. 13 Health & Education
Jan. 22 Where things stand as the 2017 session begins
Feb. 2 A Look at the State Budget
Feb.17 Voices from the field: Unintended Consequences
Mar. 2 GA Bills in the Balance
May 2 GGA Final Update · Sine Die Edition
Jan. 12 Why this year’s Georgia General Assembly session should matter to grantmakers
Jan. 26 Latest developments on education reform, pre-K and child care
Feb. 2 “Voices from the Field” speak out on Early Care and Education
Feb. 9 Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services in Georgia
Feb. 23 "Voices from the Field": Child Mental Health Services in Georgia
Mar. 2 Georgia's Child Welfare System: Recommendations for Continued Improvements
Mar. 22 The Georgia Network for Educational & Therapeutic Support
Feb. 9 Updates from GGA’s Policy Committee Return for 2015!
Feb. 17 Governor's Education Reform Commission:
Feb. 23 Policy Update for Georgia Grantmakers
Mar. 3 Nonprofit Leaders Offer Their Perspectives on the Safe Harbor/Rachel’s Act
Mar. 9 Georgia Seeks Remedy for Rural Health Crisis
Mar. 17 Follow-Up: Georgia Seeks Remedy for Rural Health Crisis
Mar. 24 The Opportunity School District Proposal: What it Might Mean to GA Grantmakers
Mar. 31 Follow-Up: Georgia’s Plan for an Opportunity School District
Apr. 21 GGA's 2015 Wrap-up of Georgia Issues & Legislation
 Jan. 21 Policy Updates Return to Report on 2014 Georgia Legislature
 Feb. 4 Medicaid Provider Fee Put on the Legislative Fast Track
 Feb. 18 Changes Afoot for Children & Older Adults in Georgia's 2015 Budget
 Feb. 24 Bill Proposes Private Administration and Delivery of Child Welfare Services
 Mar. 6 Two New Laws Impact the Future of Medicaid Expansion
 Mar. 17 Medicaid Expansion Response
 Feb. 4 Medicaid Provider Fee Put on the Legislative Fast Track
 Feb. 11 Georgia Community Support and Solutions, Inc., Hillside
 Feb. 18 Modern Reforms of Georgia’s Juvenile Laws Supported by Top Officials
 Feb. 25 Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice
 Mar. 4 State Funding Doesn’t Align With Georgia’s College Completion Goals
 Mar. 18 Georgia Needs to Adapt to Growing Needs of its Poor Schoolchildren
 Apr. 1 What Happened with Medicaid, Hope Grants and Juvenile Justice Reform?
 May 13 State’s $19.9 Billion Budget Continues Recession-era Approach