Login to SECF.org with your username and password.
Hover over the “My SECF” section of the menu bar, then select “My Profile.”
On the page that comes up, hover over the tab labeled “My Features” and select “E-Lists.”
You will see the E-Lists you are eligible to join. Subscribe to the one you plan to post to.  “Email Delivery” will automatically turn on as well – we recommend keeping this option selected.
Click the name of the E-List you plan to post to. You will be taken to a page that has a button labeled “Post a New Message”. Click the button.
In the box that appears, give your post a short, but clear subject and type your message. Use the “Upload File” button to add supporting documents (if any). Then click “Send Message.”
You will receive an e-mail when there are replies to your post – everyone subscribed to the list can see it as well. You can reply to the e-mail to have your response sent to the list, or go to SECF.org to view/post there.

You can also create new e-list threads without logging into SECF.org. Each E-List uses an e-mail address to send and receive messages to all recipients – (for example, family.foundations@secf.memberclicks.net).

You can send a new message to this address and it will be delivered to all subscribers who have e-mail delivery turned on. It will also be visible to all subscribers who view the E-List at SECF.org.